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How Beasty Chalk was born

As someone who is constantly driven to improve, Jess frequently analyzes her performance in the gym.  She realized a lot of time was spent chalking up instead of doing work during metcons.  She also trained clients at a gym that didn't allow messy chalk. Rather than completely forgo chalk for sweaty hands, she came up with an idea for a long-lasting, neat and tidy alternative.  Beasty Chalk was born.  

Two Beasty Chalk formulas were created...

The Gorilla Edition - A chalkier smooth formula designed for heavy max lifting and clean lifting transitions. 

The Monkey Edition - A chalky stickier formula designed for high reps and bar to bar movement transitions. 

About Jess Gale

Jess Gale is a lifelong athlete. From her first cartwheel as a childhood gymnast, to the diving platform in college, to the Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting and CrossFit competitions she currently pursues, Jess gives it her all. She always pushes for one more rep and one more second faster in the WOD before time runs out, and constantly strives to add more weight to her lifting total. Simply put, Jess is a beast. She's tough, unrelenting, and powerful, which is why she created a product with those same qualities to aid in her athletic prowess. 

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