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"Let's go BEASTY"

11 year Personal Trainer, CrossFit coach and competitor, Jess Cone is known for being tough, being strong, being a BEAST. Jess has strived to be strong inside and out and encourage those around her to strive for the same. In 2015, Jess coined the catchy phrase "BEASTY" as means to motivate her clients, fellow CrossFit goers, and followers on social media. 

In walks Alex Fedrov, a new member at the gym which Jess worked. Alex wanted to get stronger and learn how to perform Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting movements, specifically wanting to learn how to Deadlift, Squat, Clean, & Snatch.

Naturally he was set up with BEASTY Jess. Jess would say to Alex "Let's go BEASTY," in order to help motivate him to get after it in his heavy lifts and to get under his bar on Cleans & Snatches. "Don't be tentative, get after it BEASTY!" She would yell. 

Jess noticed that Alex was having trouble gripping the bar due to his sweaty hands on the bar, effecting his grip and ability to hold on to the bar and get after it. As a long term Gymnast, Weightlifting and CrossFitter, Jess was familiar with buckets of block chalk. Unfortunatly, block chalk was not allowed at the gym she worked due to its messiness. 

Jess mentioned to Alex how she wanted to bring chalk in for her clients and wished that there was a more discreet option in a liquid form. Alex eyes lit up... "I can make this!" He said, "I have a chemist!" 

Turned out that Alex owned ZUMWax, which makes ski/snowboard wax. Call it "BEASTY CHALK!" Jess Said... "Put a gorilla on it!" And that was it...

Beasty Chalk was born.   

Just an idea... That grew and grew. 

In the beginning two Beasty Chalk formulas were created...

The Gorilla Edition - A chalkier smooth formula designed for heavy weightlifting and smooth lifting transitions. 

The Monkey Edition - A dryer stickier formula designed for high reps and gymnastics movements. 

Client & Trainer... Became friends... Became business partners.

With Alex's great work ethic and connections through Zum Wax he went on to handle everything behind the scene... Product Development, Online Sales, you name it... He gets in done.

With Jess's connection to the gym and fitness industry, she fell into what she does best... Being BEASTY. Jess uses the product and gets the word out about their awesome creation! Jess handles all Social Media, Event Coordinating, Global Sales, and now BEASTY Apparel!! 

About Jess Cone

Jess Cone is a lifelong BEASTY athlete. From her first cartwheel as a childhood gymnast, to the diving platform in college, to the Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting and CrossFit competitions she currently pursues, Jess gives it her all. She always pushes for one more rep and one more second faster in the WOD before time runs out, and constantly strives to add more weight to her lifting total. Simply put, Jess is a beast. She's tough, unrelenting, and powerful, which is why she created a product with those same qualities to aid in her athletic prowess.

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Just an idea...

That grew and grew...


Client & Trainer...

Became friends...

Became business partners...



And upward...